Custom bodyhair for NPCs


Created & Published: Summer 2021 by @Pinkydude

What youโ€™ll need :

๐ŸŸจ WONโ€™T WORK With AMMโ€™s naked/shirtless custom appearances

Iโ€™ll assume you already know some basic modding (extracting the files with the console or WKit etc)

You need to grab the mesh youโ€™re going to use as a body / chest and swap on the NPC. I made edit to mine, but I used the โ€œt0_000_ma_base__fullโ€ body

Open the โ€œbuffer 0โ€ณ and check the files list, search for the skintone your NPC is using. Mitch is using the โ€œmale_01_ca_pale.miโ€ file

You can see I have it custom pathed already, but you can check the other files to see the path

Go to the โ€œbase\characters\common\skin\character_mat_instance\male\bodyโ€ folder and grab the .mi file corresponding to your NPCโ€™s skin tone

Copy and Paste it in a custom folder created at the base of your mod

Also create another folder where you will put the custom texture you want your NPC to use (edited or not)

Letโ€™s go back to our buffer 0 of our mesh

custom path your skintone, in my case โ€œmale_01_ca_pale.miโ€, to point to your custom folder. In my case โ€œbase\materialinstances\male_01_ca_pale.miโ€

Open that .mi file. That file point to another .mi file, that we also need to copy and paste in the custom folder, and then custom path

It calls for another file, that we also have to copy and paste into the custom folder. That .mi file finally calls for the texture files! We custom path those as well

Once you have the .mi files all custom pathed, and the texture custom pathed as well (donโ€™t forget to save the edited files of course) you can custom path the one in the mesh buffer as well and save, then rebuild the mesh using the console (so that the edit in the buffer actually have an impact on the mesh!)

Copy that mesh, and create the folders that goes to your NPCโ€™s main outfit, and swap one of the slot. I used Mitchโ€™s jacket to load the body mesh

That specific body mesh will now read and load the .mi files and .xbm files from your custom folders in the mod and your NPC should now have a different texture than your V!

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