Overview and introduction
This is the landing page for materials in Cyberpunk 2077. It contains a definition and a rough overview.

If you already know that:

  • To find material instances or -templates for direct edits, check here.
  • For a mesh-specific explanation, check here.
  • For a list of properties and their explanation check here.


In the context of Cyberpunk, a material is the thing that lets the shader define the surface properties of a mesh.
Each part of a mesh (submesh) can have a different material assigned.
For a hands-on guide and something to play around/experiment with, check here.

What kinds of material exist?


If you have modded other games, you're used to PBR materials with a bunch of textures like diffuse, normal, metalness etc.
To start with a textured material, see here.
Did you know? You can make Cyberpunk's default textured material glow.


This is specific to Cyberpunk, and it is incredibly cool. If you're used to textured materials, you're probably going to hate it at first, but it has incredible versatility and re-usability.
To start with a multilayered material, see here. To read up on how it works, see here.