AMM: Custom NPC appearances

How to add appearances to existing NPCs (via AMM)

This guide has not yet been updated to use ArchiveXL: Resource patching. As such, you will probably end up overwriting an existing NPC's file, breaking compatibility.

Until the guide updates, you should stick to AMM: Custom NPCs. This guide will only tell you how to target the right (vanilla) NPC file, since the rest of the process is the same.

The .lua file

- bin
    - x64
        - plugins
            - cyber_engine_tweaks
                    - AppearanceMenuMod
                        - Collabs
                            - Custom Appearances

In that folder, create your_custom_file.lua. (You can get a template project under AMM: Custom NPCs).

The most important thing here is the entity_id - this is what tells AMM about the already existing file that you have modified.

As an example, look at the lua file I made for Takemura's custom appearances way back when:

return {
  -- Your beautiful name :)
  modder = "manavortex",

  -- This must be UNIQUE so be creative!
  unique_identifier = "mana_Takemura_extra",

  -- You can find this using AMM's Swap tab
  -- and looking at the NPC
  entity_id = "0xF43B2B48, 18",

  -- Here you add a list of appearances you added
  -- It has to be the exact name you added
  -- to the entity file
  appearances = {    

The rest of the process is documented in the other guide.

Knowing what I know today, I probably would have created a custom entity for Takemura-san in the first place, but since I chose to go down this road, I'm doomed to provide compatibility patches for the rest of eternity.

Ah, well. There are worse fates.

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